LEAP Fore Kids Jr. Golf Tournament!

IMG_2846Junior golfers, get ready! Our LEAP Fore Kids Junior Golf Tournament is right around the corner. This was such an incredibly fun event last year with tons of golfers, contests, prizes, swimming, and great food at Brookhaven Country Club. If you haven’t signed up, go to leapforekids.com before registration ends on June 1 and then get ready for a great day of golf on Sunday, June 7, starting at 1:00pm.


A great big thank you to Madden and his wonderful family for helping this be another great event this year.

New Medical Volunteer

Erin Moore Haiti 1 5-16-15New to LEAP, Erin Sullivan Moore traveled with our Haiti mission team and greatly served in the Operating Room as a Scrub Tech. With over 13 years of experience, Erin brought her servant heart and talents to Haiti for an incredible team experience that tremendously helped our beautiful children of Haiti.
When asked about her experience in Haiti, Erin felt it was the team interaction that touched her the most. “I felt welcomed with open arms and feel like I will forever have a bond with every single person. This experience was life changing for me, and I feel very honored to be a part of it. I left a piece of my heart in Haiti. I will never forget their little faces or the interaction I had with them. Language barrier or not, you could feel the love and appreciation. Haiti will be on the top of my list always. This is part of me now and continuing to serve with LEAP makes me feel like I finally know my purpose.”
Thank you Erin for being such a wonderful team member, and welcome to our LEAP family!

Cupcake Camp Dallas is Today!

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God Grant Thee Many Years

Madden sponsor pic 2Madden Sinnes is celebrating another birthday on Monday, May 4th! He will be 11 years old! That’s right, folks; this tremendous young golfer who raised almost $10,000 at LEAP FORE KIDS Jr. Charity Golf Tournament​ last year was only 10 years old at the time! Amazing!!

This year, in order to help raise additional funds for the second annual LEAP Fore Kids Junior Golf Tournament at Brookhaven Country Club on Sunday, June 7, Madden has asked that in lieu of birthday gifts, he wants his friends and family to donate to the golf tournament. As if Madden’s philanthropic heart wasn’t big enough, this humanitarian has set an even bigger goal of raising twice as much money this year. This is the type of gesture that makes your heart smile.

Thank you, Madden, for your tremendous generosity that will help so many children benefit from surgery they would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive. You are awesome!

For more information on LEAP Fore Kids, visit leapforekids.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Nepal Earthquake Update

nepal Earthquake map

Ironically, we were in Haiti when we heard the devastating news of the Nepal earthquake. In 2010, the disastrous earthquake in Haiti is what originally brought us to serve in this region. Now five years after the Haiti earthquake, two programs have evolved at LEAP. The first program is a biannual elective Mission Program in Haiti where we send a surgical team of medical volunteers to provide craniofacial, pediatric urology, pediatric ENT, and pediatric surgery to the local children who have little or no access to these services otherwise. We are transforming lives with a focus on helping the thousands of children now living in orphanages due to the loss of many parents and grandparents during the earthquake. Also at our host hospital, we recently added a Pediatric Ward, thanks to the incredible efforts of our LEAP volunteers, Janet and Pat Ortega, along with donors who helped to fund the new ward. As a result, not only are many children able to receive medical care throughout the year in Haiti, but the hospital is also supported with advanced medical care by local pediatricians and neonatologists.

In addition, a second program that emerged from LEAP’s disaster relief efforts during the earthquake in Haiti, has been an expanded international role and partnership with ISAPS, one of the largest professional plastic surgery societies in the world with more than 2,700 surgeons in 95 countries. The ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© program has been working together since 2013, sending self-funded surgical teams to regions where the need is greatest, including Jordan and Turkey, in order to help provide relief to the Syrian refugees.

Rescue Operations Continue Following Devastating Nepal Earthquake

Photo by David Ramos, Getty Images

Since the earthquake struck in Nepal, we simultaneously coordinated with our partners around the world to identify whether rapid surgical teams were immediately needed while our mission team was in Haiti. Dr. Craig Hobar was able to communicate with Dr. Shankar Rai, a tremendous Nepalese humanitarian who is a reconstructive plastic surgeon that trained in Dallas under sponsorship of Dr. Hobar’s former partner, Dr. Harry Orenstein. Through the tireless efforts by Dr. Hobar, Ryan Snyder Thompson (LEAP’s Director of International Disaster Relief), and Debbie Wisdom (LEAP’s Executive Director), we had teams ready to deploy to Nepal from India, Canada, China and the United States.

AP_nepal_earthquake_3_jt_150426_1_16x9_992 (Niranjan Shrestha_AP Phot)

Photo by Niranjan Shrestha, AP

Dr. Rai, who has been working in Kathmandu on earthquake victims, advised us that the initial recovery efforts are currently being managed but to remain ready for a possible second phase of needed surgical help. He has assured us the acute needs are well under control but that a sustained and greatly needed second phase would be forthcoming. In addition, the international organizing agents are currently advising international medical teams not to enter Nepal at this time. Many volunteers are trapped at the airport and unable to get out due to the destruction of roads and clog of personnel attempting to open the roads leading to the airport. As happened in Haiti, very well-intentioned volunteers can add to the already burdened and overwhelmed system in place, which is why ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© have worked so hard with other leading international disaster relief programs, the World Health Organization, worldwide ministries of health, and various local partners in affected areas to optimally know when and how to provide the greatest level of surgical help.

For now, LEAP is:

1.     Preparing through our leadership in the ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© to have surgical teams ready to go to Nepal, when and if the need arises.

2.     Working with our partners at Baylor’s Faith in Action to provide financial support and needed medical supplies.

3.     Working with a local Nepalese church in Irving to get funds, food, water, and needed medical supplies to the people of Nepal, as needed.

If you would like to make a donation to the people of Nepal, please visit leap-foundation.org/donate, 100% of all financial donations will be provided to the earthquake victims of Nepal.

Update 4/30/15: We have confirmed with colleagues at MAP International that there is an urgent need to purchase antibiotics. We have made an initial donation with the donations we have collected through the ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams© fund. You can donate or sign up to volunteer at the ISAPS-LEAP CVent page


More Like You

11134137_10153159029997254_8396784807049194660_oMrs. Beth Appell is 91-years-young with a compassionate Christian heart. Because of her giving spirit, Beth began sewing for LEAP several years ago, using one of the talents that God gave her. Having learned to sew at a very young age, Beth asked if there would be a need to help families carry items home from the hospital. As a result, medicine bags to hold the patients’ medications and post-op care instructions to carry home, sometimes very long distances away. These bags could also be used in a variety of ways after the patient’s recovery.

Over the years, Beth has handmade approximately 400 bags for children all over the world. These bags have been bright and cheerful, using a variety of materials that the children love! Beth chooses the colors carefully, making sure they are tailored, completed, and ironed before the mission trips. And yes, we have medicine bags already packed for our trip to Haiti!

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your talent, ministry and love to greatly benefit others in our world. You are most remarkable!


Joy To The World

FullSizeRender-5We wanted to share an update on Landmark recipient Ely (Elizabeth), who has done so well after her complex surgery, now nearly four weeks ago. After a lengthy surgery and a few days in the hospital, she has returned to being the sweet, precocious angel that we have come to love. Ely has seen Dr. Craig Hobar twice since her surgery. She even serenaded us with a very animated, beautiful song while waiting for her appointment. Dr. Grant Gilliland has also seen Ely for her post-operative appointment. Both surgeons are happy to report that Ely is doing amazingly well and progressing in her recovery. Ely will be evaluated by other specialists in the next few weeks.

IMG_4615A great big thank you to Betsy Keith who has been tremendously helpful in providing meals during Ely’s recovery, transportation for her medical appointments, and countless other acts of generosity and kindness to help this amazing family. We are blessed!


LEAP’s Lives Transformed Annual Gala

Gala Save the Date FrontExciting news! LEAP’s Gala and Auction will be held at the beautiful Dallas Country Club on the evening of Thursday, October 1. This year’s event chairs are Brenda & Bob Barkley; honorary chairs are Denise & Ray Nixon and Maggie & Bob Murchison. We have a fabulous Host Committee who have already been underway preparing for the celebration of LEAP’s 24th year. Save the date cards are already in the mail and coming your way.

Gala Save the Date Back

 This event is our largest fundraiser and will help support our mission of transforming the lives of children who live in impoverished regions around the globe. By providing these beautiful children with the benefit of specialized surgical care, they are freely given the opportunity for physical restoration and greater hope for their futures. Please mark your calendars and share an extraordinary evening dedicated to a most worthy cause.


LEAP Fore Kids

Last year’s LEAP FORE KIDS Jr. Charity Golf Tournament was a huge success thanks to Madden Sinnes (pictured here left) and his incredible family! Planning has already been underway for another GREAT event.


Open registration begins on April 1. The event will be on Sunday, June 7 at Brookhaven Country Club, starting at 1:00pm. Register your kids at www.LeapForeKids.com. There will be a pool party, lots of food, fun contests and awards. Ages 7-18 can participate, no experience needed.

Last year’s player John Allen (pictured here right) and his brother James are already excited and helping to recruit friends to increase our attendees this year!! So come, enjoy a super fun day of golf for a great cause.


Lamb of God

Ely and Ailyn Pre-Op Appt 3-16-15

     This week has been a most remarkable one for sweet Elizabeth. On Monday, she had her pre-op appointment that took about two hours to complete at Medical City Children’s Hospital. She was back very early Tuesday morning with her parents, family and friends for a very long surgical day, a total of nine hours. After surgery, Elizabeth went to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and has remained there all week for close monitoring and care. We expect that Elizabeth will go home on Sunday or Monday.

     We are so amazed by the beautiful blessings this family has brought to LEAP. The Santiago family has had a very long wait for their daughter’s surgery. It has taken a proverbial village of incredible people to transform the life of this four-year-old girl. In addition to her medical and surgical team, a great big thank you to those at Park Cities Presbyterian for their continued love and support of this family. We ask that you keep Elizabeth and her family in your prayers as she continues to heal and return to wellness.