Joy To The World

FullSizeRender-5We wanted to share an update on Landmark recipient Ely (Elizabeth), who has done so well after her complex surgery, now nearly four weeks ago. After a lengthy surgery and a few days in the hospital, she has returned to being the sweet, precocious angel that we have come to love. Ely has seen Dr. Craig Hobar twice since her surgery. She even serenaded us with a very animated, beautiful song while waiting for her appointment. Dr. Grant Gilliland has also seen Ely for her post-operative appointment. Both surgeons are happy to report that Ely is doing amazingly well and progressing in her recovery. Ely will be evaluated by other specialists in the next few weeks.

IMG_4615A great big thank you to Betsy Keith who has been tremendously helpful in providing meals during Ely’s recovery, transportation for her medical appointments, and countless other acts of generosity and kindness to help this amazing family. We are blessed!


LEAP’s Lives Transformed Annual Gala

Gala Save the Date FrontExciting news! LEAP’s Gala and Auction will be held at the beautiful Dallas Country Club on the evening of Thursday, October 1. This year’s event chairs are Brenda & Bob Barkley; honorary chairs are Denise & Ray Nixon and Maggie & Bob Murchison. We have a fabulous Host Committee who have already been underway preparing for the celebration of LEAP’s 24th year. Save the date cards are already in the mail and coming your way.

Gala Save the Date Back

 This event is our largest fundraiser and will help support our mission of transforming the lives of children who live in impoverished regions around the globe. By providing these beautiful children with the benefit of specialized surgical care, they are freely given the opportunity for physical restoration and greater hope for their futures. Please mark your calendars and share an extraordinary evening dedicated to a most worthy cause.


LEAP Fore Kids

Last year’s LEAP FORE KIDS Jr. Charity Golf Tournament was a huge success thanks to Madden Sinnes (pictured here left) and his incredible family! Planning has already been underway for another GREAT event.


Open registration begins on April 1. The event will be on Sunday, June 7 at Brookhaven Country Club, starting at 1:00pm. Register your kids at There will be a pool party, lots of food, fun contests and awards. Ages 7-18 can participate, no experience needed.

Last year’s player John Allen (pictured here right) and his brother James are already excited and helping to recruit friends to increase our attendees this year!! So come, enjoy a super fun day of golf for a great cause.


Lamb of God

Ely and Ailyn Pre-Op Appt 3-16-15

     This week has been a most remarkable one for sweet Elizabeth. On Monday, she had her pre-op appointment that took about two hours to complete at Medical City Children’s Hospital. She was back very early Tuesday morning with her parents, family and friends for a very long surgical day, a total of nine hours. After surgery, Elizabeth went to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and has remained there all week for close monitoring and care. We expect that Elizabeth will go home on Sunday or Monday.

     We are so amazed by the beautiful blessings this family has brought to LEAP. The Santiago family has had a very long wait for their daughter’s surgery. It has taken a proverbial village of incredible people to transform the life of this four-year-old girl. In addition to her medical and surgical team, a great big thank you to those at Park Cities Presbyterian for their continued love and support of this family. We ask that you keep Elizabeth and her family in your prayers as she continues to heal and return to wellness.

The Guardian

Andi - Guardian Photo     Two weeks ago, we shared with you the story of a woman named Andi (name has been changed), who was viciously attacked by an assailant with acid and subsequently received treatment from ISAPS member surgeon Dr. Andre Borsche. After learning about Andi’s recent surgery from her colleagues at The Guardian, reporter Alexandra Topping wrote the following article in which she interviewed our Director of International Disaster Relief, Ryan Snyder Thompson.

     Read the full article on The Guardian’s website here. 




FullSizeRender-5 Elizabeth     We have already shared our newest Landmark recipient, Elizabeth, with our LEAP family. On Monday, Elizabeth will complete her lengthy pre-op appointment at Medical City Children’s Hospital. Her surgery is scheduled for the following day, March 17, at 7:30am. She will have four outstanding surgeons in the operating room, Dr. Craig Hobar, Dr. Fred Sklar, Dr. Douglas P. Sinn, and Dr. Lauren Bourell, who selflessly give their time, talents and gifts to these beautiful children.

Please keep Elizabeth, her sweet family Gilberto, Ailyn and Esther, her surgeons, and the medical team in your prayers as she prepares and undergoes her complex surgery and post-operative recovery this week. If you would like to volunteer to sit with the family in the surgical waiting room or while she is in the hospital, please contact Ashley at (972) 566-6550 or Gift cards from local grocery or retail stores (Target, Wal-Mart) are always welcomed and needed.



Closer to Thee

Sat 3-7-14 RamvishalRamvishal and his mother, Radha, were both born with a cleft lip. When Radha was an infant at age one, her parents had her unilateral cleft repaired in Central India. Radha’s precious child Ramvishal, now 10 months old, was born with a bilateral cleft lip. In each of the regions that LEAP travels, cleft deformities are often associated with religious and social stigmas; therefore, it was not surprising when we were told the villagers living in the same community as Radha and Ramvishal believe that Radha had brought a curse to them. Radha shared with our team, “The people of my village want us to leave. They believe God has cursed my family, and that is why we have the clefts.”

During evaluation, Dr. Hobar evaluated both Ramvishal and Radha. Also present was another team member and former patient, Hannah Noel Moore, who was also born with a cleft lip. This provided the perfect opportunity for Hannah to visit and share her story with this sweet family. Ramvishal was placed on the surgery schedule; furthermore, Dr. Hobar offered to do a scar revision on Radha next year, upon LEAP’s return to India. Radha was so happy to know that her scar would be much improved, simply by sharing this extraordinary time with Hannah.

Later in the week, Hannah re-connected with this sweet family again after Ramvishal’s surgery. Radha was literally crying tears of joy and was so grateful that her beautiful child had received much more than just a physical restoration. Radha knew that she and her child were not cursed, now others would know the same and they could safely live in their village again. Radha is renewed in her faith and now has greater hope for their futures.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


Sweet, Sweet, Gentle Spirit

11032712_10153047790167254_8956019173058806042_oRaj is a 7-month-old sweet baby with a bilateral cleft lip who came to be evaluated by the LEAP team with his mother, father and sisters. Raj also has Down’s Syndrome, and while our surgeons were eager to put him on the surgery schedule, they also wanted to confirm that this special child was healthy enough to undergo surgery. Since heart issues are often associated with Down’s Syndrome, they needed to rule out a possible congenital heart condition. Fortunately, the Mission Hospital was able to perform the needed echocardiogram, and no abnormalities were found with little Raj’s heart.

Dr. Craig Hobar placed Raj on his surgery schedule, asking our most skilled and talented pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Latha Kampalath, to provide his anesthesia. Raj underwent surgery without any problems; and after recovering for several hours under the watchful care of our recovery room nurses, Raj was admitted to the hospital’s ward.

11025889_10153047790737254_5495167003404431070_oLater in the day, Abhineeta Matney, daughter to Dr. Lall, our incredible host, was able to spend time with Raj’s parents. They shared how grateful they were for Raj’s surgery, then began inquiring about LEAP and our mission. Because of their open hearts and interest in our work, Abhineeta then shared with them about God’s love for them and their child and how this was the motivation for the LEAP team to travel to India to provide free surgical care to as many children as possible. Afterward, phone numbers were exchanged and a prayer shared with this beautiful family, asking for blessings upon them and their sweet child, Raj.

Our hearts are full from this shared moment of grace. We were so blessed by the spirit of this child and his family that we wanted to share it with you on this spectacular day, Sunday, the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice in it!


Arms to Embrace

India 2015 Dr Ian Mitchell and Rajvendara EditedDr. Ian Mitchell, a spectacular humanitarian and talented pediatric general surgeon, joyfully re-evaluated a young patient this week. Rajvendara, who is 13-years-old, was first united with our medical team last year when his father brought him in for an initial evaluation with Dr. Mitchell, who diagnosed him with Hirschsprung’s Disease, a congenital disease that affects the large intestine and causes problems with stool passage. After evaluation, Rajvendara was placed on the surgery schedule, and Dr. Mitchell performed a colonectomy. Over the past year, Dr. Mitchell has continued to stay in touch with and help direct Rajvendara’s medical care with the local physicians and nurses.

This year, Dr. Mitchell happily re-evaluated Rajvendara and was so pleased to see that Rajvendara’s quality of life had been greatly improved, allowing him to be much more social and far happier overall. While Rajvendara’s gastrointestinal health had also improved, another surgery was needed to provide further benefit to this wonderful young man.

This week, Dr. Mitchell performed a successful cecostomy, a procedure that will allow Rajvendara to live even more normally like any other young man his age. At night, he will have a GI routine that requires specialized medical supplies, which LEAP will help coordinate until we can see Rajvendara again next year.

Thank you, Dr. Mitchell, for all that you do to dramatically improve the lives of children living in our global communities.


Come Be Here

Belize_05.2012_324Many of you are well familiar with the spiritual song “Kumbaya”, which has been sung in many forums, including churches, scouting events and around a great many campfires since the 1920′s.The song is a simple appeal to God to come and help those in need. “Kumbaya” translates to Come Be Here or Come By Here. The song shows that in all things of daily life, whether praying, laughing, crying, or singing, we share in our humanity together.

Through our three programs at LEAP, Mission, Landmark and International Disaster Relief, we serve hundreds of patients every year, each with a tremendous surgical need that is given freely. It takes a lot for an organization to support such endeavors on a global scale, so we would like to offer you opportunities to come be here, to work alongside us to help those with a great need.

We have three great events this year, and planning has already begun for each. We would love your help on a working committee, so if you have an interest in volunteering, please contact us. Working committees provide a wonderful opportunity in which to get to know one another better. Come be with us, helping those in need.

Please call Ashley at (972) 566-6550 or e-mail her at